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Sellvinax: Jewelry that sparkles

SELLVINAX is the ultimate expression of bold artistry and innovative design. A high level of craftsmanship goes into every detail to create unique handcrafted settings and designs. Each of these creations is handcrafted by artisans at high jewelry workshops.
“Jewelry is a very personal thing... it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.”

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2023 Colorful Christmas tree Earrings2023 Colorful Christmas tree Earrings
On sale
Creative Deformable Titanium Steel RingCreative Deformable Titanium Steel Ring
On sale
Delicate Christmas Tree gold necklaceDelicate Christmas Tree gold necklace
On sale
2023 Chunky Gold Hoops Earrings2023 Chunky Gold Hoops Earrings
On sale
Enamel Square Pendant with Rope Cuban silver necklaceEnamel Square Pendant with Rope Cuban silver necklace
On sale