A Guide To The Most Popular Earrings Styles

Confidence and a Smile are indeed the best accessories everyone can wear, while some earrings make you look more attractive, avoid something that suits you less, and most importantly smile. It's no secret that earrings add instant glamour, elegance and attractiveness to any face shape.

  • How to choose an earring style?

  • Do earrings make your look more attractive?

  • What is the most popular style of earrings?

  • What are types of Earrings?

  • What jewelry is popular right now?

  • What earrings are classic?

  • Should you wear earrings everyday?

  • How earrings change your look?

How to Choose an Earring Style?

A Guide To The Most Popular Earrings Styles from sellvinax

What jewelry trends to catch your eye? Do you love bid diamond earrings? Or are you are more of a simple stud fan?
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Do Earrings make your look more attractive?

The one adornment that women have worn for centuries, is earrings, one of the main reasons being that they are close to the face and make the wearer look attractive.

Earrings are the perfect piece of jewellery for women of all ages because they enhance those feelings of womanhood and femininity.

diamond earrings for women

What is the most popular style of earrings?

Most Popular Earrings Styles

Not sure which earrings to add to your jewelry box? Everyone has different uses for each piece of jewelry, so make sure the earrings you choose have all the qualities you're looking for.

What are types of Earrings?

Our most popular earring types at SELLVINAX are:

  • Studs Earrings
  • Diamond Earrings
  • Gold Earrings
  • Silver Earrings
  • Hoops Earrings
  • Color Hoop Earrings
  • Dangles and Drops Earrings
  • Natural Pearls Earrings
  • Climbers Earrings
  • Stunning Stud Earrings
  • Crystal Earrings
  • Colorful Gemstones Earrings
Multilayer Gold Earrings for women

If you like to keep your accessories simple, consider adding some studs to your collection. Stud earrings are smaller, usually with a stone or gemstone in the center. The size of the studs may vary, but they all fit around the earlobe. Studs are perfect for everyday, formal occasions, and add a pop of color to your favorite basic outfits.

What earrings can I wear every day?

A popular choice for everyday earrings is studs. Stud earrings are delicate and small, making them ideal for a subtle piece to pair with your daytime ensembles. No matter the type of ear piercing you have a stud will help you achieve that enviable minimalist look.

What earrings can I wear every day

What jewelry is popular right now?

Rose gold has been one of the most popular choices for jewelry for a few years now. It has a unique look that can dress up any outfit, but it's not the only color that's hot right now. Other colors like yellow, gold, and silver are also gaining popularity. Geometric shapes and minimalist designs are big right now.

rose gold diamond earrings for women

What earrings are classic?

Diamond studs are just about the most classic style of earring you can wear. They bring sparkle to the wearer, are fitting for every occasion, and can range in size and feel: from subtle and simple, to substantial and statement-making

Should you wear earrings everyday?

If it is not a new ear piercing, you can wear your earrings for as long as you want (provided that you clean out your earrings regularly and do not sleep with them). Choose an earring to help you to match your style and make you look and feel beautiful.

Is it OK to sleep without earrings?

The general rule is to avoid wearing earrings while sleeping, with the exception of when you get a new piercing. You will need to keep these small studs in place for 6 weeks or so, or until the piercing heals.

How Earrings Change Your Look?

does Wearing earrings change your Look

Jewelry always has played a major role in shaping Culture and how Men and Women Dress and accessorize.

Big or Small, and for Round or Elongated faces, Diamond Earrings can add charm to your personality and make your attire complete.

So, whether or not people like it, we at SELLVINAX Jewelery believe, find the right Diamond Earring and you are going to look all fabulous!


Diamond Earrings For Each Face Type:

Wearing earrings instantly creates a focal point or accent to your face. Since every face shape is different from one other, each face shape has certain earrings that work better for them, rather than the rest.

Oval Face:

People with this shape can wear almost any and every type of Diamond Earring and it suits them better than others. Choose Diamond Earrings of Different Shapes and Sizes, as they will surely draw attention to your pretty cheekbones.

Round Face:

If you are someone with a Round face shape, you should wear earrings that will elongate your face, making it look less chubby. Diamond Earrings especially Drop Earrings are best, as they too make one’s face appear slimmer. It is better to not wear Round or Stud Earrings, as it can make your face look rounder.

Inverted triangle:

In this facial shape, people tend to have a wide and big forehead and pointed chin. Teardrop Diamond Earring or Chandelier Diamond Earrings suits them best and makes them look charming.

Square Face:

For a Square face, we at SELLVINAX Jewelery suggest you to wear Round Diamond Earrings

round cut diamond earrings for women

Long and slim:

If you have a face that is slim, slender, and long, then the perfect and go-to earrings for you are circular ones. Earrings like hoops would make your face look wider than it is.


The heart-Shaped face is unusually pretty and with such a face shape, Statement Earring works just best.


Now that you know more about your Facial Shape and which Diamond Earring is made for you follow our Earring Tips, Dress elegantly and you are sure to look undeniably Charming!

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