Step By Step: How to Organize Your Jewelry Box

Wearing jewelry is a fun way to accessorize an outfit, but if you just throw it all into a jewelry box, you’ll eventually end up with a jumbled mess. Large items get tangled together, smaller pieces get hidden at the bottom of the pile, and pairs of earrings get separated. Luckily, you can make it easy to see all of your jewelry and keep everything together by organizing your jewelry box.

How to Organize The Jewelry Box

 Step by step: How to organize jewelry?

Sorting out your jewelry by:

1- Empty your jewelry box

The best way to organize your jewelry box is to empty it completely. This will allow you to see everything you have and sort it out, so when you put it back into the box it will be organized.

Lay down a towel on your dresser or table before you empty your jewelry box so that neither your jewelry nor dresser gets scratched.

2- Untangle your jewelry if it’s knotted together

Necklaces, bracelets, and long earrings can easily get tangled in a jewelry box. You may be able to separate them by hand, but if you’re having a hard time getting knots out of a chain, try dabbing a little baby oil onto the knot to help loosen it.You may need to slide a safety pin or needle into the center of the knot, especially if it’s a very thin chain.

3- Group similar items of jewelry together

Place all your necklaces in one area, then all of your bracelets in another, then your rings, and so on. How you sort your jewelry beyond that will depend on what makes the most sense to you.

Magnetic Heart Necklace

Some people prefer to sort their pieces by color, for instance, while others group their jewelry by the style or the type of metal.

4- Use a jewelry box organizer to keep pieces separated

Depending on the size of your jewelry box, the organizer should have longer different-sized slots, compartments, and even drawers.

5- Make your own organizer out of strips of cardboard if you're crafty

You can make your own partitions by cutting pieces of cardboard into the shapes you want. Cut strips of cardboard to fit your jewelry box, then cut notches into the cardboard where 2 pieces will intersect so they'll fit together securely.This will give you the freedom to customize your jewelry box based on the jewelry you have.

6- Pin your earrings to a piece of ribbon to keep them organized in the box

If you want to keep your earrings together but you don’t have an enormous jewelry box, cut a small piece of heavy ribbon, such as grosgrain, then attach each pair of earrings to the ribbon. You can then place the ribbon in your jewelry box.This will help keep even the tiniest earrings from getting lost in the bottom of your jewelry box.

If you don’t have a ribbon on hand, you can use a small piece of fabric instead.

7- Place your rings on a round binder clip to keep them together in your jewelry box. 

If you have a lot of rings, placing them on a circular binder clip can help keep them from getting disorganized. Place the rings on the clip, then close it to keep them all secured. You can take one clip out of a 3-ring binder, or you can purchase binder rings individually from an office supply store.

8- Wrap your necklaces in tissue paper to keep them from getting tangled

Tissue paper is a great way to keep your necklaces separated, especially if you have a few delicate chains that you don’t wear often. Fold each necklace 1-2 times in the paper, then lay the tissue paper in your jewelry box.

9- Straighten up your jewelry box at least once a month

Keep your jewelry from getting disorganized again by taking the time to tidy it up every few weeks. Replace anything that’s in the wrong spot and smooth out any chains which have gotten bunched up. Besides keeping your jewelry organized, this will help keep you from forgetting about pieces you don’t wear often, and you’ll be more likely to rotate your jewelry.

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