SELLVINAX Jewelry is the ultimate expression of bold artistry and innovative design. A high level of craftsmanship goes into every detail to create unique handcrafted settings and designs. Each of these creations is handcrafted by artisans at high jewelry workshops.

SELLVINAX understood that every small detail had a hypnotic effect on people, and this belief still holds true, as can be seen in our collections. Our main goal is creating the most captivating high jewelry in the world, earning a reputational beauty and masterful designs, SELLVINAX jewelry collections are fueled by innovation and passion for challenging the status quo. This desire to push the boundaries of design allows SELLVINAX to bring to life its most creative and experimental ideas. 💖💖

sellvinax jewelry store
Born out of a passion for decorative objects and a love of jewellery, SELLVINAX offers beautiful jewellery to women worldwide.

Our Collections are easily wearable from day to night and created with the vision to be part of your daily ritual. Women wear jewellery differently these days – They want something they can just put on in the morning and go about their day in — our jewellery looks fantastic whether you wear it with jeans, a fabulous dress, or a chic suit.

Why Customers Love SELLVINAX?

Our top priority is our customer's satisfaction, and we take our business partnerships very personally. We love our clients, and they love us!

We are in this business because we WANT to be…not because we HAVE to be.
We sell High-Quality products and luxury products at reasonable prices and big offers.

You are all welcome to our store.