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SELLVINAX is a leading international luxury fine jewelry brand based in London. SELLVINAX (company number 13539816) were founded in 2021 with the aim of revolutionizing the diamond and engagement jewelry industry. Our innovative business model, which includes an online platform, has made it possible for customers to purchase extraordinary, high-quality jewels at competitive prices.
At SELLVINAX, we believe that our customers deserve a comprehensive and seamless shopping experience. To this end, we have built a team of knowledgeable, non-commissioned experts who are dedicated to providing unparalleled service and guidance. Our handcrafted engagement rings and beautiful fine jewelry collections are the result of innovative design and the highest levels of craftsmanship. Our artisans bring each piece to life through their attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality. We strive to be your jeweler for life.

Our jewelry collections are the ultimate expression of bold artistry and imaginative design. We push the boundaries of traditional jewelry making by experimenting with new techniques and materials, and our collections are fueled by a passion for creativity and the desire to challenge the status quo. At SELLVINAX, we understand that every small detail has the power to captivate and enchant, and this belief is evident in each piece we create. SELLVINAX jewelry collections are fueled by innovation and passion for challenging the status quo. This desire to push the boundaries of design allows SELLVINAX to bring to life its most creative and experimental ideas 💖

“Jewelry is a very personal thing... it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.”

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