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SELLVINAX is an international luxury Fine & Contemporary jewelry brand based in London, Trading name " MANAR HAITHAM LTD " Company No "13539816 "
Was founded in 2021 with the idea that the diamond and engagement jewelry business was ready for innovation. We revolutionized the industry with the online business model, making it possible to shop for extraordinary, high-quality jewels at great value. And we didn't stop there.We also firmly believed that our customers deserved more choices, straightforward information and legendary service. We felt strongly about building a team of passionate, non-commissioned diamond and jewellery experts who put the customer first. As the leader in handcrafted engagement rings and beautiful fine jewellery, we're constantly innovating and looking for new ways to help you discover and design the perfect pieces for every occasion. We strive to be your jeweler for life.

SELLVINAX is the ultimate expression of bold artistry and innovative design. A high level of craftsmanship goes into every detail to create unique handcrafted settings and designs. Each of these creations is handcrafted by artisans at high jewelry workshops.SELLVINAX understood that every small detail had a hypnotic effect on people, and this belief still holds true, as can be seen in our collections. Our main goal is creating the most captivating high jewelry in the world, earning a reputational beauty and masterful designs. SELLVINAX jewelry collections are fueled by innovation and passion for challenging the status quo. This desire to push the boundaries of design allows SELLVINAX to bring to life its most creative and experimental ideas 💖

“Jewelry is a very personal thing... it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.”

FREE Worldwide Shipping

We are very proud of the fact that we ship globally for FREE

FREE Return & Exchange

We only deliver the best with 14 days free return or exchange

24/7 Service

We have staff available 24/7/365 to help with any issues you may have

SELLVINAX is the new luxury of online jewelry shops. Discover handcrafted, everyday fine jewelry inspired by you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Unique Gift Ideas for Everyone You care about ( updated 2022)

There are a lot of people in this world. You may have a hard time deciding what to buy for some of them, and usually asking your self How to Find the Perfect Gifts For every on Your List? or what can I gift to someone special? In this article, we will suggest the best gift ideas for any occasion and for everyone you care about. There are many ideas for a unique gift for everyone you care a bout, but no doubt that jewelry considers the best gift idea for anyone and a memorable gift from you to your lover one.


unique gift ideas at sellvinax


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