SELLVINAX Jewelry Care

Right here are some care tips on the way to hold your SELLVINAX jewelry easily and vibrant:

- To minimize scratches, keep your product in a box/ pouch or in a separate compartment inside of your jewelry box.

- Avoid contact with perfume, makeup, oil or cream.

- Avoid wearing your jewelry while sleeping or playing sports (perspiration may accelerate the oxidation process).

- To clean your jewelry you can use clear water and mild dish-washing liquid or toothpaste. Rub lightly with your fingers in a circular motion. Then gently wipe your jewelry with clean, dry, soft, lint-free cloth.

- Store your jewelry in its pouch or in a box, away from direct sunlight, dust and humidity. 

Interesting fact:

pure water by itself doesn't damage sterling silver, but most of the water we're exposed to in our daily lives is not purified. Chemicals and contaminants in the water can result in tarnished and dull-looking silver, so it's best to know what's what when it comes to water.

Shower. It's not a great idea to shower with your jewelry on, but once in a while isn't going to do any lasting damage. Just make sure to dry it after.

Swimming Pool. Take your silver off. Chlorine is a pretty harsh chemical, so if you accidentally forget to remove your silver jewelry before hopping in, make sure to rinse and clean it afterward.

- Hot Tub. The same idea as the swimming pool, but there's even more chlorine in the hot tub and the heat can accelerate the chemical reaction.

- Hot Springs. The sulfur in natural hot springs will wreak havoc on your silver. Unless you're going for that "dark oxidized" look, avoid it at all costs.

- Bonus Tip: Chemicals in lotions and perfumes can also cause your jewelry to tarnish. Apply them first, let them dry, and then put your jewelry on. This alone can make a HUGE difference in your silver's luster.

  • Always remove your jewelry prior to washing your hands, apply any kind of personal body products, cleaning, working out, swimming, or sleeping.

Gold-plated jewelry may be prone to oxidation, that's a natural procedure that adjustments the shade of the jewelry. 
Your rings may additionally oxidize over time the greater you wear it.

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